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Editorial policies

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Noble Mining History Enthusiasts!

Since 2015, we invite you to publish in the journal Hereditas Minariorum.

Our magazine is multilingual – main languages are English and Polish, materials prepared in other languages we accept after consultation with the authors. It is an annually magazine which presents the materials in the field of all aspects of history and heritage of mining, both European and worldwide, from ancient through medieval to modern.

Hereditas Minariorum offers a platform for exchange of ideas and presentation of research results. It is targeted at representatives of different branches of science, as well as representatives of industry (mining), museology, local government, underground tourist routes and other persons involved in this issue.

Accordingly, we accept the following materials:

written and published according to the principles set out in Editorial Policies.

Hereditas Minariorum is a magazine issued by the Department of Geoengineering, Mining and Geology of Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Full versions of all volumes, in the form of .pdf files, are available on-line at

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